MRI Scan in Delhi

MRI Scan

if you need to get done MRI Scan in Delhi, reach straight to Medix Diagnostics and MRI Centre Pvt. Ltd. We are not only the provider of Accurate Diagnosis which is more important in medical imaging but we even attend to emergency-like situations as well. Top MRI Screening providers like us invest in cutting-edge technology and deploy a range of highly skilled technicians and radiologists to assist our customers and patients. This way you can be sure that your medical testing is being carried out with the help of professionals.

Our MRI Scan Centre in Delhi is loaded with the best equipment along with a qualified team. We are at the forefront of technological advancements and hence we keep on upgrading our testing machines as the market trend changes and something new, techy, or even the most precise one. Our state-of-the-art MRI machines offer higher image resolution, and faster scanning times, this way we can make the patient way more comfortable and relaxing. This means clearer and more detailed images for all your testing, leading to more accurate diagnoses of your condition.

Unlike other MRI Scan Labs in Delhi, we are here to deal with the patient's well-being above all and hence we are here for you to get the most precise medical testing reports. At our medical institution, we can create a comfortable and welcoming environment to alleviate any anxiety or discomfort associated with the procedure.

  •     Service Name
  • MRI Brain & Orbit Cuts
  • MRI Brain & Orbit (Detail)
  • M.R. Angiography (per region)
  • MRI Brain
  • MRI Brain with C.V. Junction
  • MRI with MR Angiography
  • MRI Spectroscopy, Brain
  • MRI Brain with CSF Flow Study
  • MRI Fistulogram
  • MRI Orbit
  • MRI LS Spine
  • MRI Mastoid
  • MRI Cervical Spine.
  • MRI Dorsal Spine
  • MRI Screening (One Part)
  • MRI Whole Spine Screening
  • MRI Upper Abdomen
  • MRI Lower Abdomen
  • MRI Whole abdomen
  • MRI Upper Abdomen with MRCP
  • MRCP
  • MRI Breast
  • MRI Chest
  • MRI Pelvis
  • MRI Single Joint
  • MRI Upper Abdomen and MRI Urography
  • Seizure / Stroke Protocol
  • Vertigo Protocol
  • Trigeminal Neuralgia Protocol
  • Mri Angiography
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